Thursday, August 4, 2016

Seminar Topic - L J Grauke, Ph.D.

For a number of years the Vaughn Family Pecan Farm has worked with the Pecan breeding program at College Station, Texas. Seminar attendees can expect to hear Dr. L J Grauke make comments on our relationship with the Pecan program.

From Dr. Grauke...
“Pecan cultivars and rootstocks in the North”

Knowledge of genetic differences between native stands influences conservation practices, seed procurement boundaries for nurseries, choice of parents used for making crosses in breeding, and recognition of cultivars having necessary traits for each of the targeted pecan growing regions. Improved tree performance and increased orchard productivity result when appropriately adapted rootstocks and scion cultivars are selected and managed well by local orchardists. Methods of evaluation and criteria of selection are being refined by the development of improved methods of phenotypic and genotypic selection. These methods will result in improved efficiency within the breeding program, which will increase the delivery of genetically improved material to the pecan production industry. Application of these concepts will be made in relation to USDA ARS selections under test at the Vaughn Farm in Indiana, particularly 1964-04- 0002 (‘Choctaw’ X ‘Major’), 1975-08-0005 (‘Osage’ X ‘Creek’), and 2000-01- 0027 (1986-03- 0319 [a ‘Cheyenne’ X ‘Pawnee’ seedling] X NC-4).

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