Monday, April 11, 2016

Online Seminar Registration

Online registrations and Seminar fee payments is coming. In the meantime feel free to print out the registration form and submit your payment by mail.   LINK

Seminar Speakers

We have arranged for three well respected speakers to be presenters at the inaugural Vaughn Family Pecan Farm Seminar Series.

Jim McKenna will kick the morning off. Mr. McKenna is affiliated with the Forest Service and is located in West Lafayette at Purdue University. He is a hardwoods specialist.

Dr. Bill Reid works with the USDA Pecan Experimental Station at Kansas State University and is currently an Extension Crop Nut Specialist.

Dr. L J Grauke is a Research Horticulturalist with the United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service in College Station, Texas.


Seminar Registration Is Open

Registration for the Vaughn Family Pecan Farm's 2016 Pecan Seminar is open.  The registration form is available here...  LINK  ....  Please print it out and return it with your check to the Vaughn Family Pecan Farm,   c/o  Virgil Vaughn,   1208 West Craig Road, Scottsburg, IN   47170

Registrations must be mailed no later than August 30th so that we may give the lunch caterer a final head count.    The registration fee is $20.00 per attendee.